Rats3 a Half-Life Deathmatch/CS Map
Rats3 , the sequel to Rats! and Rats2, is set in a child's bedroom.
30 October 2000
Rats3 30 Oct 2000 618Kb View TXT file download
Rats3_Op4 , the Opposing Force version of Rats3. Released:-30 October 2000
Rats3_Op4 30 Oct 2000 625Kb View TXT file download
de_Rats3 , the Counter-Strike version of Rats3. Released:-8 February 2001 Version 2 : 16 April 2001 Version 2002 : 6 October 2002
de_Rats3_v2 16 April 2001 629Kb View TXT file download
de_Rats3_2002 6 October 2002 794Kb View TXT file download
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Rats3... Rats3... Rats3... Rats3...
RatsXL a Half-Life Deathmatch/CS Map
RatsXL is a combination of the kitchen from Rats! and the bathroom from Rats2 joined together by a number of ratholes and an inter-wall space.
9 April 2000
RatsXL 9 Apr 2000 856Kb View TXT file download
de_RatsXL is the Counter-Strike version of RatsXL
8 February 2001
de_RatsXL 8 Feb 2001 807Kb View TXT file download
Screenshots from RatsXL (Click on an image to view fullscreen)
Between the walls... Between the walls...
Excerpts from Reviews of RatsXL
Global Assault HL DM Map Reviews Global Assault
Rating: 9
Only one challenge comes to mind when you think of these two maps being combined. That is "How will I get enough people together to play it?" The combination of these two maps does indeed create a massive DeathMatch zone - but if you can scrape together enough players, what better fun?
Read the full review here.
Rats2 a Half-Life Deathmatch Map
Rats2 is the imaginatively-titled sequel to Rats! This time the action takes place in a giant bathroom, which provides some new features for your fragging fun, including a sponge bounce-pad, a toy boat complete with machinegun, and a toilet to flush away those unwanted enemy players.
22 December 1999
Rats2 22 Dec 1999 447Kb View TXT file download
Rats2_Op4 is an Opposing Force version of Rats2 Released:-7 July 2001
Rats2_op4 7 July 2001 470Kb View TXT file download
de_Rats2_2002 , the Counter-Strike version of Rats2. Released:-6 October 2002
de_Rats2_2002 6 October 2002 730Kb View TXT file download
Screenshots from Rats2 (Click on an image to view fullscreen)
View from on-high... Toilet... On the edge of the bath... Machine-gunning...
Excerpts from Reviews of Rats2
Global Assault HL DM Map Reviews Global Assault
Rating: 10
When Chris Spain announced that he was working in this map I could not imagine what could be better, or more interactive than "Rats". If you enjoy this genre of map, this latest creation from Chris is the best. The ONLY score of 10 I have considered giving...
Read the full review here.
Rats! a Half-Life Deathmatch Map
Rats! is a Half-Life deathmatch map set in a giant kitchen complete with a cooker, a fridge and of course a kitchen sink. If you're fed up with fragging in gloomy military bases and running around between endless stacks of crates then this could be the DM map you've been looking for.
This map was inspired by a PlanetHalfLife mailbag where they'd asked people to describe a map they'd like to see made (mailbag 28 Feb 99). A guy named Swampbug wrote that he'd love to see a map set in a giant kitchen. I wrote to him to discuss the idea and the rest, as they say, is history.
1 July 1999 Version 2 : 29 August 1999
Rats! 29 Aug 1999 324Kb View TXT file download
Rats_2001b is an updated version of my classic HL DM map Rats! Released:-14 August 2001
Rats_2001b 14 Aug 2001 786Kb View TXT file download
Rats_ctf & Rats_cmd are Team Fortress Classic versions of Rats. The first is a capture the flag map and the second a territorial command style map. NB: These maps are not designed for serious TFC games as they are small and badly balanced, but if you really want to play Rats as a TFC game these maps should provide some laughs. Released:-14 November 1999
Rats_ctf 14 Nov 1999 414Kb View TXT file download
Rats_cmd 14 Nov 1999 467Kb View TXT file download
Rats_Op4 is an Opposing Force version of Rats! Released:-2 December 1999
Rats_op4 2 Dec 1999 339Kb View TXT file download
Rats_sh is version of Rats converted for the Scientist Hunt mod (created by the author of the Jumbot). Released:- 11 December 1999
Rats_sh 11 Dec 1999 326Kb View TXT file download
de_Rats_2001 is version of Rats converted for the Counter-Strike mod. Released:- 8 August 2001 2002 Version released:- 6 October 2002
de_Rats_2001 8 Aug 2001 786Kb View TXT file download
de_Rats_2002 6 October 2002 976Kb View TXT file download

NB: If you're looking for the old Counter-Strike versions of Rats and Rats2, you won't find them here. They were produced by someone else adding CS-specific entities to ripped versions of the original maps without my knowledge. As the process of ripping maps introduces errors to their structure, and as I had no say in the placing of the CS entities, I do not feel that these maps are representative of my work.

Screenshots from Rats! (Click on an image to view fullscreen)
Hotplates Cupboard interior Mousetrap View from above
Excerpts from Reviews of Rats!
HornetKing UK HornetKing UK
Rating: 82%
Great fun and visually different... This map is simply a blast, the author breaks away from the normal rockcliffs,hallways, boxes and square buildings, he has the setting as a kitchen where you are supposed to be small (like a RAT), very amusing to say the least.

When this first popped up on my screen I laughed my guts out,it looked like my mothers kitchen complete with sink, refridgerator, stove, etc.

All the weapons are placed very nicely but be careful getting the gauss (its in a mouse trap), it snaps 99 health if you grab it from the wrongside, nice touch.

Also watch out for the fridge (its cold in there, hehe),one great touch was the sink, if you dive in for the gluon someone might turnon the garberator (very funny).

Final word: If your system is strong you will love the fun of this map.

Read the full review here.
radioactive Reviews Radioactive Reviews
Rating: 48 out of 50
Description: This is NOT your ordinary Half-Life Death Match map...

Opinion: Not only is this the most creative thing I have ever seen, but It`s really fun!! I swear, when you play this you won't know its HL. It is a very nice change from the normal HL. This map is seriously my new favorite, it is so creative!!

Architechture: :-O SENATIONAL!! This map is going to get a perfect score for creativeness, I mean come on!! You're in a kitchen!! Great texturing...

Overall: This map is VERY VERY VERY FUN, a great change from the regular DM maps! A MUST GET!!!!!

Xenonexus HL Map Reviews Xenonexus
Rating: 74
This map is one of those curious novelties where the scale of the architecture is intentionally increased to make you think you are a rat or something, as the title indicates. Such maps can often be a case of 'nice idea, shame about the map' but happily this is one of the better cases... IMHO it is a fair bit better than the similar type of map made by Levelord for SIN, when it comes to issues like play.

I would definitely say that it is the best map of it's type I have yet seen, for any game. It's quite a difficult map to rate really, as a number of the playtesters loved it on the strength of the novelty... definitely worth a look at anyhow.

Read the full review here.
Global Assault HL DM Map Reviews Global Assault
Rating: 7
... Rats is really fun. You will spend some time learning the routes as you make your way around, but after you figure it out game play moves pretty fast. There is more to this map than you think.

The entire map is strewn with tricks, hazards and hidden things... Inside the walls you will find a spray can of bug killer. Jump on the top to spray green gasses onto your pursuers, ...dead. ...To get the Gauss cannon you're going to have to brave the mouse trap. If it does not fling you accross the room you'll probably get smashed. ... these enhancements only make the fun more intense.

A really fun map.

Read the full review here.